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RAM Speakers

RAM Loudspeakers Archive

Ram Speakers, or more correctly RAM Electronics Ltd was started in early 1974 by Vince Jennings and Matthew Therrien and despite being made over 40 years ago their speakers are still highly regarded. Falcon Acoustics worked closely with RAM throughout its life and supplied all it's crossovers. RAM 1974 - 1983  is mainly based on an extended interview for the Falcon Archive with Vince Jennings in late June 2011. We would like to thank Vince for spending so much time with us and also allowing us to copy items from his records. Items from Falcon's own records have also been copied and can be downloaded (for personal use only, not for use on auction sites etc.). If anyone who has RAM speakers would like to send us photographs, we wil be happy to put them on the site with an acknowledgement.

The interview and various manuals are downloadable in .pdf format, put your mouse pointer over the image which links to the .pdf for contents.

Vince Jennings buttonRAM Compact BSM BUttonCD10 ButtonRAM STL4 ButtonRAM 400 Brochure ButtonRAM 400 Manual ButtonRAM 1 Brochure ButtonRAM Compact & Acc ButtonRAM 100 Rev ButtonRAM 200 Rev ButtonRAM 1978 Brochure STL4

 Additional information is available on Vince's own website here