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BBC LS3/5a, LS5/9, Parts

BBC LS3/5a, LS5/9, Parts

LS3/5a crossovers, hard-to-find LS3/5a parts, many made exclusively for Falcon, are all available here. LS3/5A Repair and Upgrade services are available here.

Falcon Acoustics has had a long association with the LS3/5a, starting with the earliest days of development when Malcolm Jones was at KEF and involved with testing the original BBC prototypes, through into the 1980’s when Falcon applied for an LS3/5a licence from the BBC, and  made LS3/5a crossovers for Goodmans and RAM.

It continues now with The Falcon Acoustics Gold Badge BBC-Licenced LS3/5a, widely held to be the best production LS3/5a ever made.

A Youtube video lecture on the History of The LS3/5a is available here.

Falcon’s famous Q7 kit system closely follows the LS3/5a design, and Falcon LS3/5a parts and crossovers are used all over the world.

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