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SEAS DIY Speaker Kits


SEAS DIY KITS were developed using Seas drivers in complete loudspeaker systems. In addition to a detailed description of complete systems, Seas also provide crossovers and sketches. Seas systems have been designed by such well-known designers as Joseph d’Appolito and Murray Zeligman working with the Seas R&D team.  Each system picture will take you to the design page on the Seas website, where you can download cabinet, crossover and technical information sufficient for you to be able to construct the kit.

Please note that we can only supply drive units and crossover components etc., we are not able to supply complete kits or cabinets.


                         MIMIR                                          BIFROST                                           IDUNN

MIMIR  is a high-end two-way speaker, with an 18 cm long throw paper cone woofer  - CA18RNX - for smooth extended bass, and for superb HF response a 27 mm coated fabric tweeter - 27TDFC.

BIFROST is a 2-way speaker using the E0042-08 W18NX001 woofer and the E0040-06 T29CF002 tweeter.

IDUNN uses an 18 cm long throw woofer with a Curv cone made of woven polypropylene - U18RNX/P, and a 27 mm aluminium/magnesium dome with a DXT ® lens - 27TBCD/GB-DXT

Seas Delling KitSeas Trym KitSeas Trym Kit

                  DELLING                                          TRYM                                            FROY Mk.3

DELLING is a compact floorstanding 2.5-way loudspeaker using 2 state of the art Seas Excel E0049-08S W16NX001 Woofers. The tweeter is the world-famous E0011-06 T25CF002 "Millennium" .

TRYM is a 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker kit using a single W22EX001 22cm woofer and a T25CF002 "MILLENNIUM" tweeter. Easy and economical to build, giving the very highest level of performance.

FROY Mk3 is a new improved version of the original FROY, using two W15CY001 woofers and a  T25CF002 "MILLENNIUM" tweeter mounted in a D'Appolito configuration. The cabinet is a bass reflex with a rear vent.

Seas Odin Mk3 KitSeas Thor Kit

                                 ODIN MK3                                                                   THOR

ODIN MK3 is a redesigned version of the Odin kit, using twoW18E001 woofers and a single T25CF002 "MILLENNIUM" tweeter mounted in a D'Appolito configuration. The cabinet is a rear vent bass reflex design.

THOR is a transmission line floor-standing system that uses two W18E001 woofers and a single T25CF002 "MILLENNIUM" tweeter mounted in a D'Appolito configuration. The enclosure uses a newly developed computer modelled transmission line configuration, tapered, and filled with Dacron stuffing. The two W18E001 woofers excite the line at slightly different points, smoothing the response and increasing the range of bass output. The transmission line produces 4 dB of bass lift from 20Hz to 110HZ, with less than 1 dB of ripple. The -3dB point is 45Hz, with roll off of 12dB per octave below 45Hz. Usable in-room bass response extends well into the low 30Hz range.