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50th Anniversary Year 2022


Scanspeak Factory Tour

Scanspeak speaker quality is world famous, their attention to detail is renowned. Now it's possible to see how it's done. These 2010 photographs taken in the Scanspeak factory show Illuminator and Revelator drive units being hand assembled, from checking pole piece and magnet dimensions to production testing the finished speaker unit. Place your mouse pointer over each picture for a description.

Scanspeak Factory 1Scanspeak Factory 1Scanspeak Factory 3

Scanspeak Factory 4Scanspeak Factory 5Scanspeak Factory 6

Scanspeak Factory 7Scanspeak Factory 8Scanspeak Factory 9

Scanspeak Factory 10Scanspeak Factory 11Scanspeak Factory 12

Scanspeak Factory 13Scanspeak Factory 14Scanspeak Factory 15

Scanspeak Factory 16Scanspeak Factory 17Scanspeak Factory 18

Scanspeak Factory 19Scanspeak Factory 20Scanspeak Factory 21

Scanspeak Factory 22Scanspeak Factory 23Scanspeak Factory 24

Scanspeak Factory 25Scanspeak Factory 26Scanspeak Factory 27

Scanspeak Factory 28Scanspeak Factory 29Scanspeak Factory 30