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Solen 0.10uF 630V DC Polypropylene Capacitor

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Solen 0.10uF 630V DC FastCap Polypropylene Audio Capacitor for high quality loudspeaker crossovers and networks, tolerances available, from Falcon Acoustics, the leading supplier of diy hifi components.
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Solen 400V and 630V SCR FastCap Polypropylene Capacitors are widely used by OEM HiFi manufacturers and audiophiles. They are famous world-wide for superb sonic performance, and offer excellent value for money. As specified by HiFi World in their Kits. Some non-standard values have been specially made by Solen/SCR for Falcon Acoustics and are unobtainable elsewhere.

DF typ. v low e.g. 1.00uF 630VDC .0001 Dielectric Absorption Factor ≤ .05% @ 20°C Test Voltage:- 1.5 x Vr/5Secs Insulation Resistance:- ≥100,000MΩ @ 20°C Working Temperature:- -55°C to +85°C

More Information
Capacitor DCV630V
Capacitor Dia, mm:9mm
Capacitor FormAxial
Capacitor Leadwire Dia, mm:0.80mm
Capacitor Length, mm:17mm
Capacitor MaterialSolen Polypropylene
Capacitor SeriesSolen 630V
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