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Alcap 6.80uF High Power 100VDC Electrolytic Capacitor

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Alcap 6.80uF100V DC High Power Electrolytic Audio Capacitor non-polarised reversible series for loudspeaker crossovers and networks, tolerances available, from Falcon Acoustics, the leading supplier of diy hifi components. Please note this value will be supplied at 7.00uF selected for tolerance to 6.80uF.
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6U80 V100KHV

Alcap 100VDC High Power Electrolytic Capacitor non-polarised reversible series are designed for use in high power hi-fi loudspeaker crossover applications. Together with the Alcap 50V range they are very similar in sonic character and physical size to the black ELCAP capacitors used in the 1970/80’s by nearly all OEM loudspeaker manufacturers. Loss Factor D <0.10 @ 1kHz

More Information
Capacitor DCV100V
Capacitor Dia, mm:10mm
Capacitor FormAxial
Capacitor Leadwire Dia, mm:0.80mm
Capacitor Length, mm:24mm
Capacitor MaterialAlum. Foil ( med. etch)
Capacitor SeriesAlcap 100V
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