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Replacement Capacitor Sets

Replacement Capacitor Sets

All replacement capacitor sets are made up of individually toleranced 5% capacitors, with closely matched values for each set checked with a calibrated LCR Digital Bridge and/or Deviation Bridges accurate to 0.1%. Types used are selected to keep the original “voice” of the speaker system. Where Low Loss Electrolytic capacitors are specified, these are always used. Falcon is the main stockist of the Alcap Low Loss Electrolytic Capacitor range in the UK.

Solen polypropylene capacitor sets are also available ex-stock. These will not normally fit OEM PCB's as they are much larger than the original capacitor types fitted, but can give a substantial improvement in sound quality.

All Falcon replacement capacitor sets meet or exceed OEM specification. It is quite possible depending on make that your original crossovers or components were originally made or supplied by Falcon.

Some hard to find values are made especially for Falcon.

If the set you require is not shown, please email us as it is very likely we can supply the components needed from stock.

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