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PCB's, Boards, Pins & Clips

PCB's, Boards, Pins & Clips

Printed Circuit Boards PCB, matrix construction boards, pins and component/cable ties for loudspeaker crossovers and networks from Falcon Acoustics, the leading supplier of diy hifi components.

On our other website pages you will find most audio components, including a full range of Solen and Alcap audio capacitors, inductors, crossovers, resistors, LS3/5a parts (including cabinets) , kits and drive units.  Many normally hard-to-find parts we stock are specially commissioned and made exclusively for Falcon.

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  • PCB2


    Excl. Vat: £4.25 Incl. Vat: £5.10
  • PCB3


    Excl. Vat: £6.95 Incl. Vat: £8.34
  • PCB4


    Excl. Vat: £4.00 Incl. Vat: £4.80
  • PCB7


    Excl. Vat: £6.95 Incl. Vat: £8.34
  • PCB8


    Excl. Vat: £5.25 Incl. Vat: £6.30
  • PCB9


    Excl. Vat: £4.25 Incl. Vat: £5.10
  • PCB10 KEF CS3/CS5 version

    PCB10 KEF CS3/CS5 version

    Excl. Vat: £6.50 Incl. Vat: £7.80

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