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Falcon Acoustics CLASSIC 15 OHM LS3/5a - REVIEWS

Read the reviews here:

Stereophile Falcon LS3/5a August 2015August 2015 Herb Reichert and John Atkinson


"These little speakers didn't just open my ears. True to their legendary status as the first box speaker that could actually image, the Falcon LS3/5a's projected—on a spectacularly big, airy soundstage—crystalline images that were sharp and sweet."

"The Falcon LS3/5a has returned me to my roots, and served as a powerful reminder of the joys and beauties that a simple, accurate, easy-to-drive loudspeaker coupled to a charming low-powered amplifier can provide.

I never experienced the original red-tape BBC prototypes. I can only imagine what they may have sounded like. But I've used and enjoyed many different variations of the LS3/5a, and can say, with relative Herbcertainty, that the Falcon Acoustics might just be the best production LS3/5a ever made. Only time and the legions of LS3/5a faithful can say for sure."

 CNET Falcon LS3/5a Review August 2015August 2015 Steve Guttenberg  READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE

"The Falcon LS3/5a brought Jeff Tweedy's vocals to life on the "Wilco (The Album);" Tweedy was right there, between the two speakers. that's why this speaker is considered a classic, it gets the midrange right. Steven Price's ominous and other times flamboyantly kinetic soundtrack score for "Gravity" floated free of the speakers and projected a huge, but sharply focused soundstage."

  Enjoy The Music Falcon LS3/5a Review January 2016January 2016 Jo Ki     READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE

"The high frequency is crystal clear and yet sweet, with the midrange sounding very natural. As for the bass, it is expressive and articulate, with its low frequency timed accurately. The overall presentation conjured to a wholesome, homogeneous piece."

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