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Vifa Speakers & Drive Units

Vifa Speakers & Drive Units

Vifa Speakers and drive units are now mostly manufactured by Peerless by Tymphany as the Peerless Platinum and Peerless Gold Ranges by Tymphany in China. Vifa Classics range are manufactured in Denmark.

We have listed all the current Vifa drive units that we offer here, all are new 2016 manufacture stock with long-term availability.

We also stock some NOS (New Old Stock) Vifa drive units in limited quantities. Older and discontinued Vifa units are also sometimes still produced for large quantity Special Orders, please email us for possible availability.

The Falcon Vifa Archive contains PDF’s and datasheets for many older Vifa models and we hope is a useful resource when replacing drive units.  Please email us for suitable current alternatives.

UK Delivery is Free (Offer excludes Vifa Classics)


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Vifa New Old StockVifa Archive

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