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Audax Drive Units Loudspeakers

Audax Drive Units Loudspeakers

Audax Speakers new and replacement drive units, including HD 12x9D25 and TW025M1 for SoundCraft Absolute 2 Monitor. Replacement Westlake units available. Drive units for World Designs Speakers available. Falcon also manufactures faceplates for some of the classic Audax drive units ( e.g HD 12 x 9 D25) so you can at last replace damaged or broken HD 12x9D25 and HD 12x8D25 tweeters (or OEM versions) with genuine Audax products. We also stock new Audax spare voice coils for most Audax tweeters which can be fitted if required. Coils should be replaced in pairs for consistency.

There is a direct link below to the Audax Loudspeakers Archive for Audax datasheets on most older Audax drive units.

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