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Inductors are sold in value ranges. To order please either select the inductor value Category range or Series type required from the column on the left - you will then be able to select the number, tolerance and specific value required. Inductors are wound to order and as a result returns cannot be made. Delivery is normally approx. 7-10 working days. Tolerances can be selected when ordering.

All Falcon ferrite/SID core inductors are hand-wound with heat treated self-bonding wire bonded throughout the entire inductor. There is therefore no possibility of mechanical, microphonic or electrical resonances from any source. We still have limited stocks of most 0.56mm values, please email for availability.

Inductors are normally supplied pre-tinned. Aircore bobbin colours may vary. Inductor prices are mostly determined by copper commodity prices.

Inductors in crossovers require careful positioning with the magnetic axis at right angles to each other to cancel out mutual inductance/coupling which produces crosstalk and unwanted noise. MoQ Air Cores 2 per value ordered as wound to order.

Technical information/Cores data:-

HP High Power Core 12mmØ, 25/50mm l. SP Super Power Core19mm Ø, 38mm l.

SID  Sintered Iron Dust Core19mm Ø, 38mm l.AC  Air Core numbers give wire Ø in mm.

Smallest Windable Values

HP(0.71mm) 0.15mH : SP(1.0mm) 0.25mH : SID (1.0) 0.25mH : For lower values please order Air-Cored (AC).

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4 Item(s)

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