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ClarityCap Capacitors

ClarityCap Capacitors

ClarityCap capacitors ESA 250V, FREE UK DELIVERY, an outstanding combination of price and value. Several values made specially for Falcon by ClarityCap.

A quality British product, Claritycap is made by ICW, and specified by many OEM manufacturers. The 250V rating is very conservative and more than sufficient for loudspeaker crossovers, thus saving the extra cost and greater physical size of the ESA 630V range. Additionally the ESA range achieves most of the reduction in mechanical resonance of the much more expensive and physically even larger MR Range. As a result, the ClarityCap ESA 250V range is deservedly the best-selling ClarityCap premium range, and in our view is an excellent product of exceptional quality at a realistic price.

UK Delivery is Free.

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